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Google+ and SEO

It’s no secret that social media and SEO are becoming increasingly linked, but with so many different networks, it can be difficult to assess what to focus on in your online marketing efforts. Whilst Google was relatively late to the social media party, in June 2011, it launched its own social media network – Google+. Whilst you have probably established presences for your business on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, if you aren’t using Google+ yet – you should be, and here’s why…

The changing face of social search

In 2009, Google came to an agreement with Twitter to include real-time content from the social media provider in its search results. This was a huge investment, and with the agreement in place, content and updates published by Twitter users began appearing alongside Google search results.

This deal ran until June 2011, when the service came to an abrupt end, and Twitter results were no longer featured alongside the search results. At the start of 2012, these were replaced with content from Google’s new social media service, Google+. Today, recent content published by users, profile information, and Google+ updates appear alongside search results in Google.

At Indicoll, we think this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the importance of Google+ to SEO and social search. Google made significant investment for the rights to pull-in the content for Twitter, just to abandon it after only a couple of years. By integrating content from its own social media network into search results, Google has made a clear statement of intent that Google+ is here to stay.

We’re confident that over the coming years, Google+ content will become increasingly important to social media campaigns, and with Google holding an 85% share of all global search traffic, we’re sure it will also become an integral part of any successful SEO campaign.

How we can help

We can show you how to gain a real commercial advantage by making the most out of all of the different social media sites, including Google+.

We have a deep, technical understanding about how search engines work and how social media and SEO are intrinsically linked when it comes to promoting your business online. Our teams will teach you how to transform your online marketing efforts, and the best ways to publish information online to get real, measurable returns.

For further information on any of our services, or to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation, get in touch.

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