Dropbox – life saver!

Yet again, Dropbox saved my working life this week.  

We all use it, but do we all appreciate the value of Dropbox? When you are editing precious images or simply changing some css, and you f*ck-up, Dropbox can save you.  Not only does it have many previous versions of the files that did work!, but it is your own personal backup tool. Yes, it has its limits, but I find the space limit a way of ensuring I keep my files need and tidy – give me infinite space and I will fill it with crap…  I especially like the i-apps, which I use often to show clients emails and mock-ups when off-line.

I am not going to write a repeat of what’s already been said a thousand times over, just follow the link, grab the software, and breath again when you next f*ck-up

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