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Mobile-friendly websites

A fifth of UK businesses don't know whether their website is mobile-ready or not, and a third are yet to develop their website to work on smartphones or tablets.

The study questioned more than 300 UK organisations as part of research into corporate marketing strategies.

Of those, only 38% said that they had undertaken measures to ensure their website was optimised for mobile use.

Catalogues 4 Business managing director Ian Simpson, who was responsible for carrying out the study, said: "To target a modern audience, you have to consider the platform from which they will be accessing your site. It is increasingly likely to be a smartphone."

By coming to Indicoll for your website, we will ensure you have the right site for your needs, be it a standard brochure site, one that is fully responsive for use on a mobile or tablet, and/or an e-commerce site to allow you to sell online.

Contact us now to arrange a chat and a coffee, let us get to know you and your business, and help to make you mobile friendly.

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