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At Indicoll, we have over 30 years’ combined technical expertise in IT, computing and web development, which has given us an unrivalled ability to solve business problems with technical solutions.

Simply put, whatever you want your website to do, we can make it happen!

Be ahead

We specialise in solving business problems with technology. Whether you want a custom e-commerce site, a product/store finder, a site that integrates with your core business systems, or have specialist requirements – we can make it happen.

Many web designers will promise that they can create websites with advanced, tailored functionality. In reality, the vast majority will repackage “off the shelf” products, before shoehorning them into your site. Often, this will produce unwieldy and unreliable websites, that don’t do what they should.

At Indicoll, we create websites that are designed to meet your business’ needs exactly. Our team members have worked in companies of all sizes, building and maintaining huge pieces of technical infrastructure. We constantly research new technologies and techniques to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry for the benefit of our customers.

This gives us the ability to develop bespoke web applications and tailored technical solutions that are integrated into your website at the build stage. The result is that when your site goes live, it will function reliably and do exactly what you want it to.

All of our technical solutions are built on our own unique platform. Flexible, reliable and capable, this means that all the sites we produce are easy to use, fully optimised for search engines, and built on proven technologies.

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