Purpose built content management system

A bespoke Content Management System is a great way to manage content for all sorts of publications.

Our purpose-built capable content management system is flexible and capable and empowers our clients to edit the content on their website themselves.

Unlike other systems, you won't get left versions. We're constantly updating and improving our CMS and as an Indicoll client you'll feel the full benefit of that.

Features of our bespoke CMSOur Bespoke Con...

Features of our bespoke CMS

Our Bespoke Content Management Systems usually include all the features you would expect from an online CMS such as:

  • Simple to use - no programming skills needed
  • Automatic/dynamic front-end navigation
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) aware file structure (title, keywords, description, H1, body)
  • Date and time-based publication
  • Uploading of images and files
  • Search capability for users to search for content
  • Instantly update anything on the website

The possibilities for customisation are endless

We program all of our bespoke CMS applications from the ground up with your specific requirements in mind.

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Fully customisable for your businessOur special...

Fully customisable for your business

Our speciality is bespoke software, making this a bespoke CMS, so features can be added or removed to fit your requirements. Some of the features we have been asked to create for some of our custom built CMS website applications include:

  • Custom file attributes, extending functionality per file to include content specific to the client such as header, footer, RHS column, active ad zones and trigger phrases for advertising
  • Multilingual CMS, allowing the same page to be viewed in multiple languages
  • Workflow functionality, allowing review and approval by other users before going live
  • Multiple sites, manage content across any number of sites, create a new site in minutes
  • Modification of templates and other resources (CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files etc.)
  • URL rewriting, enabling memorable and predictable web addresses for data-driven content
  • Hybrid CMS, using keywords, placeholders and custom markup tags to insert pre-built web parts such as advertisements, tag clouds and XML/RSS feeds
  • Site builder, creating static files from dynamic database content
  • Systems integration, connecting CMS software to internal or external systems such as ad management systems and customer relationship management (CRM) systems

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