Get the most out of your PPC campaigns with Google AdWords training courses

Prices start at just £99 per person

(minimum 4 per course).

Do you really understand AdWords and how to manage your account?  Do you know about the quality score, the cost of bidding, how to target your customers on both desktop and mobile search engines?

Whether you are already running PPC campaigns or would like to include them as part of your marketing strategy, we can show you how to set up, run and optimise campaigns.

A Practical Introduction to AdWordsMost custome...

A Practical Introduction to AdWords

Most customers start their buying journey with an online search, but getting a position at the top of the organic rankings takes a lot of time, effort and investment.

Our Google AdWords training course will show you how to:

  • Set up a campaign
  • Measure the results
  • Refine your campaigns to ensure the best return on investment
  • Stay in control of your budget

By the end of the day, you'll know how to deliver results more cost-effectively and drive new targeted business to your website.

Leave it to the expertsWe recognise that people...

Leave it to the experts

We recognise that people can't be experts in everything.  More importantly, businesses don't have the time or the manpower to keep on top of their AdWords account.  Whilst it's running in the background, they pay it little attention and that's where it ends up costing more money than it needs to.

That's where Indicoll can help.

We can manage your AdWords account for you; we pride ourselves on knowing the detail behind AdWords, making sure the text is relevant and targeted, both for the correct search terms and for the audience you want to attract.

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