The importance of mobile friendly websites

26th February 2021

The days of primarily browsing the internet on desktop devices and laptop computers are far gone now that browsing habits having changed significantly since the accessibility of smart phones. This means the ease of browsing on the go has changed the way customers are viewing company websites.

Unfortunately, many businesses’ websites are still designed to be viewed only on a desktop or laptop display, so when a customer searches for and views it on a mobile device the website simply doesn’t work properly.

When this happens, it is common for mobile and tablet users to struggle to view certain content, and sometimes they won’t be able to access certain features or use any areas of a site at all. This becomes a problem for many companies who rely on website sales.

With mobile web use only increasing, businesses with websites that are not mobile friendly and are not optimised for use on various devices risk alienating a significant proportion of their potential customer base.

Fortunately, indicoll can help by building you a responsive website which feature a range of different fixed-width designs that are optimised for many individual devices, therefore widening your customer base.

Using responsive web design, we ensure our websites look beautiful, work perfectly on multiple devices, have better navigation and give additional functionality to give customers the full browsing experience. This makes your website fully accessible and allows customers to get the most out of your website on the go.

To find out more about the importance of having a mobile friendly website or how responsive web design can help your business, call indicoll on 01482 871178.

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