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5th January 2022

We want to wish all our clients a Happy New Year. Thank you to everyone who has supported our business over the past 12 months, and we hope you all have a fulfilling year ahead in 2022. If you're wanting to start the new year with a revamp of your website, look no further than Indicoll.

With years of expertise in web design and development, our web design team has the ability to create beautiful responsive websites that deliver tangible results. Having a responsive website is vital in giving your customers and clients the most customised mobile-friendly experience possible. 

A responsive website differs to having a mobile-friendly website as they can be two separate approaches to web design. Each way is essential in making the customer's browsing experience memorable, and therefore increase the likelihood of the customer returning.

Having a responsive website means the web design reacts to the user’s behaviour based on screen size, platform and orientation. For example, your website's text and images will change from a three-column layout on a computer to a single column display on a mobile.

Mobile-friendly websites on the other hand are designed to work in the same way across all platforms, and so certain features on mobile-friendly websites don't change when changing usage from a computer to a mobile device. This static content that doesn't change can bring limitations, which is why having a responsive website is essential in achieving a customised mobile-friendly experience.

To achieve a customised mobile-friendly experience with responsive websites, Indicoll will get to know your business, industry and customers, and then design and build a beautiful website that will resonate and engage with your audience in a way that works for them.

Get in touch and find out more on how we can achieve your responsive website today.

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