Adrian Mole would be proud

2nd December 2010

Having read the rave ‘tweets’, I headed over to the App Store to grab a copy of Momento – the diary writing tool for the iPhone and iPod touch. I don’t keep a journal, I never have, the constant upkeep is way beyond my attention span – but to be offered a solution that will consolidate your tweets as a journal, to save me the constant typing and updating, well that sounds good to me!

The UI is slick and it works just like you think it should. You can tag people, places, events (and custom tags) and associate them with your daily entries. You can backup and restore your info (using iTunes file sharing), you can password protect the app, you can put as much, or as little, content as you wish into each journal entry. You can include pictures from the camera-roll or capture them via the app. Having just bought the app (and full of excitement) I wrote the first entry, downloaded the days tweets (which can be automated at startup) and now I have a record of yesterday forever at my fingertips.  The diary publishing may not last, but that is not because the app lacks anything.

A great little app, at £1.79 it is a bargain for so much functionality.

I urge you to give it a try, if only for categorising your tweets by day, month and year; nothing out there looks and feels so good as a tool to do so.

For all of the features, go see them at Momento

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