Web design in Beverley

11th March 2011

If you are in business, and in Beverley, you can expect a visit from Julian Minshall of indicoll. Julian has a passion to ensure all businesses within Beverley (and beyond) are educated about the Internet, and to highlight how websites are much more than just enhanced business listings.

Amongst many other things, your website is an opportunity to present your business to potential customers. You will be judged on it’s appearance, it’s content and it’s position within the search engine rankings – is your current website representative of you and your business? Your website is your 60 second pitch, 60 seconds to tell potential customers why they should choose you.

Within 60 seconds you should be able to (at least): -

  • Tell people who you are and what you
  • Promote your product and / or services
  • Demonstrate why you are different from the competition
  • Set expectations for service levels and aftercare
  • Capture contact details of potential customers

I hope you are now looking forward to your visit from indicoll, and understand why indicoll is much more than just web design

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