For established businesses there comes a time when your branding needs a new lease of life, to allow you to stay competitive and attract new customers.

If you’re thinking about rebranding your company, here’s some reasons why established businesses often choose to breathe new life into their branding.

Your branding is boring

One of key purposes of your businesses branding is to get you noticed and help you stand out. Your branding should be remembered in the minds of your customers and target market, so if your branding is boring then it’s doing you a disservice.

Consider doing a brand audit to check whether your branding communicates your values, and how you stack up against competitors.

You’re not proud of your brand

Hesitating when handing out a business card, or urging people not to take a look at your website are both surefire signs that you’re not proud of your branding.

Your business card is your chance to give a first impression - a sort of brand ambassador. Your branding should be something you’re proud of, so if you’re not what does that say about your company?

Taking a look at your business card, marketing materials and website will help you decide if a rebrand could inject some new life into your brand. Rebranding can help retain clients along with bringing new ones in.

Your products or services have changed

It’s common for a business’ products and services to change over time, in line with market trends and technological advances.

With that, established businesses should consider updating their branding following a considerable change in their product or service offering.

To set yourself apart from competitors

Reinforce why your business should be chosen over your competitors to gain a bigger market share and win new customers. Rebranding or a brand makeover can be an excellent way to do this.

This may be particularly appropriate if your branding is similar to that of your competitors, meaning customers could struggle to differentiate.

I’m ready to rebrand - what next?

We're a marketing agency based in the heart of Beverley, and our designers have decades of experience crafting unique brands and updating established ones.

Whether you are looking for a complete brand makeover, or just want to bring your brand up to date, we’re confident we can help. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. Call 01482 871178 or email

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