Think brochures aren’t relevant anymore? Think again. For businesses that have a lot to say, brochures are the ideal sales tool. Plus customers love having something physical to hold in their hands, and consider in their own time.

Here’s 4 more reasons why your business should include brochures in your marketing mix.

Brochures are cost effective

The ever-changing nature of digital marketing can mean that is is costly to keep up to date with, but a well-designed brochure can stand the test of time, making it a cost-effective asset in your marketing mix.

The initial cost of designing and printing a brochure is a fraction of the value it can provide to your business for months and even years to come.

Their versatility means that brochures can be used in almost all forms of marketing throughout your business - whether that’s at a trade show, networking event, sales pitch, seminar or even just in the reception area of your office.

Maximise face-to-face contact with brochures

Whether you are attending networking events, workshops, seminars or trade shows, maximise your face-to-face contact with prospects with a well-designed, professional brochure.

Having a printed brochure ready to use at an event is also a great way to engage in conversation - rather than sending someone away to look at your website, you can look through the brochure together immediately.

Not only does this convey that you’re a professional business, it also helps to get the potential customer further along in the ‘awareness’ stage of the buyer’s journey whilst they’re with you. This gives you a greater opportunity to convert that prospect into a sale, by answering any questions they may have face-to-face.

Print hangs around

Studies show that people hang on to paper products when they’re well designed and the content is relevant. That means a prospect of your business will likely look at your brochure again and again, and are more likely to turn into a customer.

Brochures ensure information is readily available to hand. Rather than trawling the web looking for a specific page on your company’s website, potential customers can simply retrieve the brochure you gave them, making it easy to pass on to colleagues, family and friends too.

Engage with customers

Ever receive emails you can’t remember subscribing to? They’re often annoying and irrelevant to you. Brochures work well because people take them out of interest - meaning they’ve spotted something relevant to them, or they’re attracted by the professional design and imagery.

People value having something physical to hold in their hands and read and refer back to, and it’s because of this engagement that they’re likely to remember your business in future.

What now?

Now you’ve seen the value brochures and printed media could have in your business, it’s time to put them to work! Contact the team at Indicoll today - we have decades of graphic design experience for businesses of all types and sizes.

We can recommend ways for you to use brochures to your advantage in your business's marketing mix, along with designing and producing a truly outstanding brochure we’re confident will help your business achieve its goals.

Call 01482 871178 or email today.

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