Up until fairly recently, people browsed the Internet primarily on their desktop and laptop computers. With the advent of smart phones and tablet computing, browsing habits have changed significantly, and today, potential customers are almost as likely to be viewing your company website on a tablet or smartphone as a computer.

Unfortunately, most websites are still designed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop display, and when viewed on a different device, simply don’t work properly. Often, mobile and tablet users will struggle to view content, and sometimes, they won’t be able to access or use parts of a site at all.

This problem is only set to get worse, and as the trend towards mobile web use increases, businesses with sites that aren’t optimised for mobile risk alienating a significant proportion of their potential customer base.

How we can help

At Indicoll, we use responsive web design, to ensure that our websites look fantastic and work perfectly on all of the most popular devices available on the market.

Our development and design teams are constantly analysing web statistics to determine the different smartphones, tablets and browsers that people are using. This helps us to create websites which feature a range of different fixed-width designs that are optimised for individual devices.

Using responsive web design means that wherever they are, your customers will be able to get the most out of your company website. They will be able to take advantage of additional functionality, like ecommerce and other web applications, and get the full experience however they choose to browse the web.

To find out more about mobile web, or how responsive web design can help your business, give us a call on 01482 871178.

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