Indicoll joins Bondholders

31st October 2013

Indicoll has joined the Hull and East Yorkshire Bondholders to put itself at the forefront of decision-making in the area and get together with like-minded people to ensure the economic and business future of the county.

The Hull and East Yorkshire Bondholders is a network of 185 businesses that work together to raise the profile of the region. Every member of the scheme makes a difference by making a financial contribution to the promotion of the area, as well as acting as an ambassador for the region.

As the area’s place marketing agency, the Bondholders works with partners to market the region to key external audiences, including investors and high-level decision-makers, to encourage the creation of jobs and wealth.

The Bondholders also hosts tailored media visits for national journalists; produces aspirational recruitment materials to assist member companies to bring talent to the region; and provides marketing expertise in support of activities to attract inward investment.

We are very proud to be involved and will do our best to help promote the Hull and East Yorkshire region.

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