Indicoll has recently been awarded Google Partner status. This is great news - for our clients.

Becoming a Google Partner means that we are trusted by Google to follow their best practices when it comes to AdWords. It also shows our business is healthy and our clients are happy. What more could we want?

Google Partners is Google’s platform for agencies, online marketing consultants and other web professionals who want to get the most out of their relationship with Google.

We receive exclusive access to a range of benefits including live training events, industry insights, extra support, promotional offers, beta test opportunities, professional networking and other tools designed exclusively for online marketing agencies.

But Google don’t just hand out Partner status like vol-au-vents at a posh party. We worked hard to achieve it, on our clients’ behalf.

We became certified in AdWords, proving that we have mastered all the intricacies, and we will remain up to date on the latest Google tools and products by taking further exams every 12 months.

We thought school was over. But we are forever learning in this fast-moving business.

Working directly with Google as a Google Partner, we have access to training and product updates - training which we can then pass on to our customers in our own AdWords training sessions.

Contact us on 01482 871178 to see how we can improve your rankings and ratings and, more importantly, grow your business.

We are certified experts in online marketing and know how to get the leads you want. Whatever your budget, we can maximise it to generate the greatest return on your investment.

Trust Google? Trust a Google Partner.

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